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Santiago Christian Academy        Santiago, Chile       Cruz Almeyda 1389         Peñalolen         (2)271-6514
Santiago Christian Academy
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Academics - High School
The curriculum of SCA is designed to accomplish the school's mission which is "to provide a Christ-centered, US-based, English education of high standards for missionary families".  

In addition to the curriculum, great emphasis is placed upon the quality of the materials used in the classroom and the high expectations placed upon the students.

The "core" curriculum for each grade includes language arts, mathematics, history, natural science, foreign language, and Bible study. These core subjects are complemented by additional courses including art, home economics, sports, and community service.

Each day in SCA’s high school allows each student the opportunity to grow spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.  Each day allows the teachers and staff to have a positive impact on each student and to help prepare them for life’s challenges and to help mold them into what God would have them to be.