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Santiago Christian Academy        Santiago, Chile       Cruz Almeyda 1389         Peņalolen         (2)271-6514
Santiago Christian Academy
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Academics - Spanish
While Chile is a diverse country, the primary language is Spanish.  As such, Spanish is taught at all grade levels at SCA.  Elementary through 7th is taught Basic Spanish and 8th through 12th is taught advanced Spanish.
Basic Spanish
The entire process of education is seen as a means used by the Holy Spirit to bring students into fellowship with God, to develop a Christian mind in them and to train them in godly living, so that they can fulfill God's total purpose for their lives personally and vocationall
Advanced Spanish
The object of the advanced Spanish classes is to reinforce and expand grammatical content, vocabulary, hand writing, written expression and oral skills.  The student is also encouraged to develop a cultural understanding of Chile.  These goals are accomplished through reading different texts, novels, tales, news, and magazine articles.  Most of which are written by Hispanic-American authors.